Medi-Cal Managed Care Health Plans

Medi-Cal is health insurance for people with low incomes. Some counties have Medi-Cal Managed Care, in which the State contracts with HMO plans to provide health care services to Medi-Cal members.

See the Medi-Cal Managed Care HMO plan quality ratings to help you choose the Medi-Cal HMO that is best for you and your family. Health plans are rated on what patients say about getting appointments, how well doctors talk with patients, if children and adults are getting the right care, and more. If you live in one of the areas that has Medi-Cal HMO plans, see how these plans rate by clicking on the link for your county.

Counties with Medi-Cal Managed Care HMO Plans

For more information about Medi-Cal managed care and to see a consumer guide to help you choose a Medi-Cal HMO plan, go to the Department of Health Care Services' web site: Medi-Cal Managed Care Consumer Guide

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