Humboldt Health Promotion Summary 2022-23 Edition

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Why is health promotion important?

Your doctor is an important part of making sure you have information to stay healthy and make healthy lifestyle changes. Top medical groups have doctors who give advice and specific steps to eat healthy, be physically active and make other healthy lifestyle changes.

How can medical groups promote health?

Highly rated medical groups provide education and support programs for specific health conditions or behaviors like quitting smoking, eating healthy or controlling diabetes. Top medical groups also make sure that doctors give information and guidance on specific steps to help you establish a plan to make healthier lifestyle changes. Doctors and staff should monitor patients’ efforts to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Your health plan and/or medical group may also offer health education classes, support programs, and other education materials and resources. Sometimes these materials can be found on your health plan and/or medical group’s website.

What do the ratings mean?

The ratings show how well each medical group did at receiving positive feedback from patients on communication from their doctor about how to stay healthy and prevent illness. The higher rating means more patients said their doctors talked to them about how to make healthy lifestyle changes.

The ratings are based on a survey of a sample of medical group patients, who had a visit in 2021 and calculated by the methodology set by the Purchaser Business Group on Health (PBGH). The scores are based on at least 275 patient surveys.

Health Promotion