Health Care Quality Report Card
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About the Health Care Quality Report Card

When you make decisions about your healthcare or your family’s healthcare, there are a lot of things to think about. You need good information so that you can make informed choices. The Healthcare Quality Report Card is here to help you.

The Healthcare Quality Report Card can help you compare how the medical care and services offered by your HMO compares with other HMOs in your area. The Report Card ratings concern medical care and services that affect most people. For example, we show how well HMOs and their doctors care for members with diabetes. Even though you may not have diabetes, how well an HMO cares for people with diabetes can tell you a lot about how it cares for members with other conditions. We also tell you how well HMOs screen women for breast cancer. You can use this information to think about how well an HMO screens members for other diseases.

The Healthcare Quality Report Card also can help you compare medical groups. A medical group is a group of doctors who work together and offer their services through an HMO. Even though you are a part of an HMO, the doctors you see are probably part of a medical group. These results show how well the medical group gives care to its patients and how the patients rate their care.

The Healthcare Quality Report Card also has information about services for HMO members who do not speak English as their first language or who are hearing impaired. And, you can see how members rate their HMOs on customer service and how many members file complaints with their HMO.

Each year, the Office of the Patient Advocate publishes the Healthcare Quality Report Card. The Office of the Patient Advocate was created to inform and educate people in California about their rights and responsibilities as HMO members.