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PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)

Many patients want more say over what doctors they see and what tests or treatments they get. A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) is one type of managed care plan that gives members more choices but may cost more than a traditional HMO.

With a PPO, members usually have a bigger network of doctors and hospitals they can use. They do not need to have a main doctor, or a Primary Care Physician. They can also use doctors and hospitals who are not in the network. However, if members go to doctors and hospitals outside of the network, typically they may pay more for the services.

Almost one-third of all Californians, who get health insurance through their job, belong to a PPO. Beginning in 2009, the Department of Insurance that oversees PPOs in California will issue an annual report card that rates California's largest PPO plans on preventive care, patient satisfaction and other criteria.


  • PPO rankings available through NCQA Quality Compass
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