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What Was Measured?

The percentage of health plan children and teenagers, ages 0-17, who received mental health care in an inpatient or outpatient program or in the emergency department.

Why Is It Important?

About 1 in 10 children have some kind of mental illness and only a fifth of these children receive treatment. The most common childhood emotional and mental conditions include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), eating disorders, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia and autism. There are many treatments for mental illness that are proven to work but too few children with serious problems get initial care and even fewer remain in treatment long enough to recover from the illness. Left untreated, mental illnesses can hurt a child’s ability to learn, make and keep friends, and grow into a healthy adult.

Mental Health Services Use

Look for differences of at least 4%. Smaller differences usually are not significant.

Mental Health Services Use

We compared Healthy Families Program members' records to a set of national standards for quality of care.
  • (Worse)
  • (Better) 10%
Kaiser Permanente - Northern California 5.9% Horizontal bar, 59 units
Kaiser Permanente - Southern California 4.1% Horizontal bar, 41 units
Community Health Group 3.2% Horizontal bar, 32 units
Blue Shield of California - EPO 2.9% Horizontal bar, 29 units
Blue Shield of California - HMO 2.8% Horizontal bar, 28 units
Anthem Blue Cross - EPO 2.7% Horizontal bar, 27 units
Contra Costa Health Plan 2.3% Horizontal bar, 23 units
Inland Empire Health Plan 2.1% Horizontal bar, 21 units
Health Plan of San Mateo 2.0% Horizontal bar, 20 units
Health Net of California, Inc. 1.9% Horizontal bar, 19 units
Anthem Blue Cross - HMO 1.7% Horizontal bar, 17 units
Ventura County Healthcare Plan 1.6% Horizontal bar, 16 units
Alameda Alliance for Health 1.5% Horizontal bar, 15 units
CalOptima 1.5% Horizontal bar, 15 units
San Francisco Health Plan 1.0% Horizontal bar, 10 units
Health Plan of San Joaquin 0.9% Horizontal bar, 9 units
Santa Clara Family Health Plan 0.8% Horizontal bar, 8 units
Central California Alliance for Health 0.7% Horizontal bar, 7 units
Community Health Plan 0.5% Horizontal bar, 5 units
Molina Healthcare 0.4% Horizontal bar, 4 units
Kern Family Health Care 0.3% Horizontal bar, 3 units
Care 1st Health Plan 0.2% Horizontal bar, 2 units
CenCal Health Too few patients in sample to report
L.A. Care Health Plan Too few patients in sample to report