What Was Measured?

Members who contacted their plan with a problem or to get information were surveyed for the Plan Service rating.

Why Is It Important?

The best HMOs see that their members get the right care at the right time. Good care means getting treatments that are proven to work. Highly rated HMOs make sure that you don’t get treatments that do not help you get better and that may cause injury or illness.

Treating Adults: Getting the Right Care At-a-Glance 2011 Edition

Four stars
Three stars
Two stars
One star

Treating Adults: Getting the Right Care

We compared HMO members' records in 2009 to a set of national standards for quality of care.
Aetna Health of California, Inc. FairTwo stars
Anthem Blue Cross - HMO FairTwo stars
Blue Shield of California - HMO FairTwo stars
CIGNA HMO FairTwo stars
Health Net of California, Inc. FairTwo stars
Kaiser Permanente - Northern California ExcellentFour stars
Kaiser Permanente - Southern California ExcellentFour stars
UnitedHealthcare of California (formerly PacifiCare) FairTwo stars
Western Health Advantage GoodThree stars