What Was Measured?

Members who contacted their plan with a problem or to get information were surveyed for the Plan Service rating.

Why Is It Important?

Members’ overall rating of their plan shows how members value the medical care and the level of service from the plan. This rating reveals the members’ customer service experiences including having claims paid quickly and correctly and getting clear information about coverage and what you pay.

This rating also sums up the members’ experiences in finding a doctor that meets their needs, seeing doctors and other providers without delay, and being treated with respect whether in the doctor’s exam room or on the phone with the customer service staff.

Health Plan Highly Rated At-a-Glance 2011 Edition

PPOs that are highly rated by their members see that:

  • Members see the doctor or get tests and treatment without delay,
  • Claims for medical services are paid quickly and correctly,
  • Members easily get information about their share of costs,
  • Members easily find a personal doctor that is a good match,
  • When members need information or help, they are treated respectfully and their problems or questions are solved.