What Was Measured?

Why Is It Important?

The doctors and their staff often are a big part of your experience with an HMO. Highly rated HMOs have doctors and staff who listen to patients, explain things clearly and treat them with respect. Patients who are part of the decision-making about their health often do better — top doctors help patients make choices that best fit their needs.

Doctor Communications Summary 2012 Edition

HMOs whose doctors are highly rated by their patients see that:

  • Patients aren’t rushed during their office visit — they have enough time to talk through concerns with the doctor
  • Systems are in place to make sure that patients don’t fall through the cracks — patient records are immediately available to anyone who is caring for the patient
  • Patients and doctors make decisions together
  • Doctors talk through options with the patient — to treat an illness or to stay healthy
  • Doctors are respectful and attentive to the patient’s concerns