How to Choose a Medical Group

Some medical groups and their doctors provide excellent care and service. Others do not.

This web site rates most of the larger medical groups in California. Before you choose a medical group, read the Medical Group Report Card to learn about the medical groups in your area.

If you already have a doctor you like, you can use the HMO’s directory of doctors to find the medical group that he or she belongs to. Then you can check the quality of that medical group.

When you compare medical groups in your area, here are some questions to think about and ask:

  • Which medical groups belong to the health plans I am looking at?
  • How are these medical groups rated in the Medical Group Report Card?
  • Which doctors in the medical groups are experts in my health problems or concerns?
  • Which hospitals do the doctors in the medical group use?
  • How long is the wait for a routine check-up? For an appointment to treat an ongoing illness?
  • How much will I have to pay for the services that I use?
  • Are the medical offices open during hours that are good for me?
  • Are the medical offices nearby and easy for me to get to?
  • Who can I call if I need help or advice after hours?
  • What does the medical group do to make sure that I get good care?
  • Will I be told quickly about all my test results, whether the findings are normal or not?
  • Does the medical group have information and services online?
  • How can I get my medical records if I need them?