What Was Measured?

The age distribution of commercial HMO and point of service (POS) enrollees in California’s largest health plans. HMO enrollment information is not ranked because it is not a quality measure.

Why Is It Important?

Enrollees may feel more comfortable in one HMO or POS than another depending on the range of covered services, the perceived stability of the HMO or POS, or the availability of different types of physicians who best meet their needs. The age distribution of enrollees in an HMO or POS is one indication of how Californians select their HMO or POS plan.

What Was the Source?

Data on HMO and POS enrollees voluntarily reported by California HMOs to the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and made available through NCQA’s Quality Compass®. HMO and POS data are reported together here because Quality Compass® does not separate HMO and POS membership in it’s report. This HMO/POS Membership by Age data comes from NCQA’s 2011 Quality Compass®, and is part of the same HMO data set used to generate the HEDIS and CAHPS quality information found in the health plan section of the 2012 OPA Report Card.