Pomona Valley Medical Group, Inc.


Medical Group Provides Recommended Care FairTwo stars
Asthma Care GoodThree stars
Checking for Cancer FairTwo stars
Chlamydia Screening PoorOne star
Diabetes Care FairTwo stars
Heart Care PoorOne star
Treating Children: Getting the Right Care FairTwo stars

Why were these topics selected?

OPA's Report Cards provide scores on health care measures used nationally for these topics. The topics provide information on important quality care for the topic and what your doctor or health plan and you should or could be doing so that you get the best care.

Counties served:

Los Angeles

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Contact Information

  • Customer service phone number: 800-708-3230
  • Customer service TTY/TDD number: 800-708-3230

  • Doctor Information

  • Number of primary care doctors: 155
  • Number of Ob/Gyn doctors: 25
  • Number of specialty doctors: 265
  • Number of mental health practitioners: 16

  • Primary Hospital Affiliations


    Information Technology Use

    Contact the doctor to learn if yours offers these services:

  • Patient can email doctor? Some
  • Online appointment scheduling? Some
  • Patient gets visit summary that includes patient care instructions? Some
  • Patient can get test results online? Some
  • Patient can view their medical record online? Some
  • Online reminders for preventive and follow-up care? Some
  • Order medication refills online? Some
  • Computerized checks that medication is safe for patient? Some
  • 300.310/300.320