Medical Group Report Card ratings for Commercial HMO Plan Members 2020-21 Edition

Quality health care is getting the right care at the right time.

Review the star ratings in the columns below. More stars are better. Both quality and cost of care are important to consider when choosing a medical group. Cost information will be available with the Spring release of the report card.

The Report Card also provides other helpful information on each medical group. Click on each medical group name to find all of its star ratings, consumer assistance number, service area, website and more.

The California Office of the Patient Advocate compared the average amount of money that health plans and patients pay for all of the care a patient receives each month during 2019. Groups with lower costs receive a higher star rating. More stars are better.

The dollar ranges below include the average amount paid by health plans for things like check-ups and tests, plus the average amount paid by patients for things like co-pays and monthly insurance premiums.


The California Office of the Patient Advocate compared medical group performance results in 2019 to a set of national standards for quality of care to make sure that medical groups offer quality preventive care and treatment services to members. More stars are better.

Patient Experience is a separate rating. Ratings for Patient Experience are in the column to the right, Patients Rate Overall Experience


The California Office of the Patient Advocate compared how medical group patients rated their experience with their medical group during 2019. More stars are better.