Humboldt Diabetes Care Summary 2022-23 Edition

You have the right to free interpreter services to make sure you get quality treatment and care.

Why is it important to get care for diabetes?

When a person has diabetes, the body’s blood sugar (glucose) builds up above the normal level. When the level of blood sugar is high, diabetes can lead to other health problems like kidney failure, blindness and amputations. To see how well you are controlling your diabetes, it is important that your doctor regularly check your eyes, kidneys, blood sugar and blood pressure. Your doctor will consider your age, gender, race, and overall health and medical history including tobacco use and high blood pressure to determine your risk for heart attacks and strokes. Highly rated medical groups will work with you to help control your diabetes and prevent more health problems.

What do the stars mean?

The stars tell you how successful each medical group was at helping patients with diabetes get the care they needed. More stars are better.

Diabetes Care