Humboldt Coordinating Patient Care Summary 2022-23 Edition

You have the right to free interpreter services to make sure you get quality treatment and care.

Why is coordinated care important?

The best medical groups have systems for their primary care providers, specialists and other health care providers to work together to provide the best care for you. Doctors from top medical groups will quickly share and follow up on test results. Your regular doctor should communicate with the specialists you see, know your test results and have records about your medications or other treatments.

How can medical groups make sure that you receive coordinated care?

Highly rated medical groups work with their doctors and staff to set up systems to handle and communicate information properly. This will ensure that your regular doctor is up-to-date on the status of your health and your health care needs.

What do the ratings mean?

The ratings show the percentage of medical group patients who reported that their doctor was up-to-date on the care they got from other doctors. The higher rating means more patients said their doctors work together to coordinate their care.

The ratings are based on a survey of a sample of medical group patients, who had a visit in 2021 and calculated by the methodology set by the Purchaser Business Group on Health (PBGH). The scores are based on at least 184 patient surveys.

Coordinating Patient Care

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